UGA Course Offerings

  • PADP 6910: Public Administration & Democracy (MPA Core): [Link]
  • PADP 8130: Linear (Statistical) Models (Ph.D. Core):  [Link]
  • PADP 8710: Ideas and Issues in Public Administration (Ph.D. Core): [Link]

Student Resources Relating to Producing and Disseminating Original Research

  • Heather Haveman’s Advice for Ph.D. Students:
    • “Books About Writing and Doing Research” [Link]
    • “How To Develop Arguments and Convince Readers” [Link]
    • “Detailed Outline of Research Design Section of an Empirical Paper” [Link]
    • “Dissertation Proposal Outline” [Link]
    • “Advice on the Job Talk” [Link]
  • Barry Weingast’s “CALTECH Rules for Writing Papers: How to Structure Your Paper and Write an Introduction  [Link]
  • Jim Stimson’s “Professional Writing in Political Science: A Highly Opinionated Essay[Link]
  • My Handout for Both Discussing and Reading Academic Research in a Seminar Format (and Useful for Thinking About One’s Own Research) Rules of Thumb